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Asheville Wordfest Celebrates Poetry of All Stripes

2011 Article in Laurel of Asheville

We Have to Take Care of Words (Xpress, 2011)

Wordfest is a free festival for the purpose of inclusion.

A Word from the Director

Photo by Géza Brunow

Asheville Wordfest is a grassroots poetry festival begun by local poets in 2008. In the past five years, the festival has presented poets from more than 25 cultural contexts, its main goal being to celebrate cultural diversity and multiculturalism as necessary groundwork.
Multiculturalism is the human form of biodiversity. I believe it is vital that we open our minds and thought processes to as many cultural perceptions as possible. There are just too many ways to perceive the world and to navigate a path through it not to listen to as many as we can. When we are only listening to one voice of one culture, we're missing out on the whole voice of humanity, and that whole voice is the one that can survive.

Laura Hope-Gill